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Weather risk

Don’t let the weather dictate what your profits should be

Get rid of weather risk, focus on your operations and boost your profits!

Should the weather decide your future financial performance? Is it sensible to let adverse weather take away the sales and profits you worked so hard for? How many consecutive bad seasons can you afford?

If you do not hedge weather, you are gambling.

Focus on your core business, we’ll take care of weather risks for you.

You can decide right now to stop betting on weather : go Weather Neutral™ and make your business thrive, come rain or shine!

Weather neutral™
An Index-based weather coverage

An index-based weather cover is a type of insurance that is triggered when the index exceeds a predefined value.

The index can be a temperature threshold, rainfall levels, sunshine duration, wind speed, or any other weather variable or combination of variables that represent the weather risk your business is exposed to. Other indices are available on request.

The cover is designed to compensate exactly or partially the losses incurred through adverse weather conditions. All possibilities are covered.

The compensation may be fixed when the weather index exceeds a predefined value or progressive if the losses caused by the weather increase in line with the index value.

As with any index-based insurance, it is when a pre-defined index value is exceeded that the loss, in traditional insurance terms, occurs.

The index value is the sole trigger for compensation.

No claim adjustment process, no additional administrative procedures are required.

How it works



Meteo Protect helps you build the weather index that best reflects your risk



Meteo Protect designs the cover structure that best meets your financial objectives


Weather report

The weather report provides the final value of the index calculated from certified observations



In case of adverse weather, the payment is automatically triggered


No blackbox

Terms and conditions of the risk transfer agreement are clear and easy to understand

Safe and reliable

Our contracts are backed by major financial institutions with solid and stable financial strength


We help you tune Weather Neutral™ to your specific needs

Best price

We maintain close relationships with our financial partners to get the best price for each cover

No paperwork

No claim adjustment process, no additional administrative procedures are required once the cover is set up

Quick and automatic payment

Bad weather happens? You are paid automatically at the end of the coverage period

Our solutions in action

Meteo Protect has designed Weather Neutral™, standard solutions that protect you from adverse weather conditions.
Regardless of your business sector and weather risk, in most cases, there is an index-based solution that corresponds to your needs.

Here are a few applications of our index-based weather cover.


Protect your income when yields, costs, or supplies are affected by climate hazards


Gas, electricity, renewable energies... cover the weather impact on consumption, distribution, or production


Control the weather risk in project funding, investment management, company takeover, or asset selection

Other sectors

Eliminate the weather risk in sectors such as agribusiness, tourism, construction, mining, distribution, transport, event organization...

We are Experts
Meteo protect offers a wide range of weather risk management consultancy services

  • Weather risk assessment
  • Financial analysis of weather sensitive businesses
  • Financial communication & reporting of weather risk
  • Weather-driven commodity price risk management
  • Weather sensitivity portfolio analysis & management
  • Creation of innovative marketing campaigns with weather hedge


There is no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.

John Ruskin

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